Tankless Water Heater Installation

tankless water heater installation encinoA tankless water heater installation in your Encino laundry room, basement, or garage should be performed by our professional Encino plumbers unless you are a very proficient DIY type with plumbing and electrical skills.

An Encino customer thought he had could handle a gas-fueled tankless water heater installation by himself until he read the installation manual. He decided he didn’t want to deal with the electrical connections and gas lines.

He was able to get through the first few steps, like attaching the mounting hardware and setting the water heater unit onto the mounting hardware. But after that he called us to complete the tankless water heater installation in his Encino home.

Completing the tankless water heater installation steps

We sent our best Encino plumber to complete the tankless water heater installation. He picked up where the customer left off by running a 3-inch stainless steel vent pipe from the unit out of the house by following local codes. He then proceeded to attach the exhaust connector and gasket at the exhaust vent outlet. After inserting the vent pipe into the connector, our technician installed a condensate trap in the exhaust line up to code.

The tankless water heater installation continued to go smoothly. Our installer was happy to answer questions as he went through some of the more difficult installation steps, like how to make the necessary electrical connections to operate the blower fan and control panel, and how to perform leak and pressure inspections before use.

Go Tankless?

When customers tell us they want endless hot water and more energy savings, we recommend they “go tankless”. In other words, upgrade to a tankless water heater system.

Since there is no tank to fill, there is no end to your supply of hot water.

Depending on the make and model we would purchase and install on your behalf, a tankless system can deliver an endless supply of hot water on demand, which is ideal for times when multiple fixtures and appliances are running hot water simultaneously for extended periods.

Plus you will enjoy up to 40% energy savings with a tankless water heater because they are more efficient than a standard tank heater.

We prefer tankless water heaters made by Rinnai, Noritz, Bradford White, and A.O. Smith that meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications.

We will determine what size tankless water heater to install, let you know if the unit qualifies for a federal tax credit, and offer estimated annual energy costs savings by choosing an electric tankless water heater, natural gas tankless water heater, or propane tankless water heater.

So if you want an environmentally responsible water heating solution, ask us to purchase and install a tankless water heater in your home.

When you need help with a tankless water installation in your Encino laundry room, basement or garage, you need trusted experience plumbing tankless water heaters. Our emergency Encino plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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