Encino sewer line damage requires Relining

Sewer line damage from tree roots can be avoided with sewer pipe relining, a trenchless lateral lining process used by our plumbers in Encino.

sewer pipe lining lateral system

photo courtesy of Perma-Liner Industries LLC

Recently a customer hired our Encino plumbers to diagnose the reasons why his first floor toilets were all backing up simultaneously.

We suspected sewer line damage but first tried to clear the toilets with a drain snake. We found lots of tree roots, a common warning sign of sewer line damage. The roots were so compact we knew continuing this process would not work.

We then tried hydro-jetting, a process that uses high water pressure to scour and clean sewer pipes of any debris like tree roots. After two hours we were finally able to open the sewer line.

But this did not resolve the customer’s real problem: sewer line damage. His clay sewer line had been cracked in many places by tree roots that eventually they would grow back and cause the same toilet back up problem.

So we recommended we perform sewer pipe relining, a trenchless sewer line repair that comes with a 25 year warranty.

Pipe Relining prevents sewer line damage by tree roots

sewer pipe relining in encino caBecause sewer pipe relining requires little digging and can be done in usually less than a day, the customer gave us the okay to proceed.

Here you can see one of our Encino sewer relining technicians checking the time for the non-hazardous epoxy materials to harden inside the pipe.

In a few hours the epoxy lining will cure in place to form a new smooth inner wall that tree roots can’t penetrate.

Think of this process like creating a “pipe within a pipe”. In this instance, approximately 30′ of relining material was used during this Encino sewer relining job.

Within a day after completion our office followed up with the customer with courtesy call and had a manager show up at his Encino home to make sure everything was to his satisfaction

Sewer Pipe Relining Benefits

Sewer pipe relining benefits any homeowner in Encino that has sewer line damage from tree roots.

  • Can be completed in hours, not days
  • Is less expensive than traditional excavation
  • Requires minimal clean up
  • Adds more durability and strength to the piping system
  • Comes with a 25 year warranty parts and labor
  • When you need a free written estimate about how to repair sewer line damage in your Encino home, you need trusted experience plumbing sewer lines. Our emergency Encino plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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