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Plumbing garages or basements in Encino homes often means the installation or repair of water heaters, sinks or toilets. If you’re looking to renovate, we have a Encino plumber licensed to install half-baths & full-baths.

In Encino we have come across many situations where homeowners want to install a plumbing fixture (like a sink and faucet, maybe even a toilet or shower) in their garage or basement because they work on many dirty projects and want a simple plumbing solution to clean up before they enter their house

The garage or basement is also the normal location of a water heater and washing machine if they don’t have a laundry room.

Whatever your situation is, we recommend you don’t overlook the plumbing requirements to make your renovation project a reality.

Q:A before plumbing garages & basements

  • Does your garage or basement have floor drains?
  • Will your fixtures and appliances be situated alongside existing pipes and water lines?
  • Does your main sewer line drain through the basement floor or through the wall at grade level?
  • Have you researched whether the City of Encino requires a special permit for your project, especially if you plan to convert into a living space?
  • How will you feel if light construction is required, like cutting into the concrete floors to run drains, if above-floor plumbing is simply not possible?

These are important logistical questions to consider before you start buying new plumbing fixtures and appliances for your garage or basement. For example, you may need to buy a upflush toilet for that new basement bathroom if you don’t want to possibly weaken your concrete floors by cutting.

If you’re considering remodeling your Encino garage or basement, you can count on our years of experience plumbing garages & basements to make sure everything is installed properly and up to code.

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