Plumbing Encino Bathrooms

If you are considering remodeling your Encino bathroom or building a new bathroom in your Encino home, contact one of our Encino plumbers to make sure everything is installed properly and up to code. More »

Plumbing Encino Kitchens

Plumbing a remodeled kitchen or building a new kitchen island sink in your Encino home is affordable when you hire our Encino plumbers to make sure everything is installed properly and up to code. More »

Plumbing Encino Laundry Rooms

Upgrading the plumbing in your Encino laundry room to accommodate new fixtures (faucets, sinks, tubs) and appliances (washer, water heater) requires licensed plumbers familiar with local compliance codes. More »

Plumbing Encino Garages & Basements

Plumbing your Encino garage or basement for new fixtures or appliances is difficult and should not be attempted without hiring a licensed Encino plumber who knows how to build or remodel up to code. More »

Plumbing Encino Homes

When plumbing Encino homes, residents trust our Encino plumbers will understand understand how their home plumbing system works in order to do repairs, service and maintenance. More »


Faucet Drips

repair faucet drips in encinoFaucet drips in your Encino home can be really annoying, especially if that ‘drip drip drip’ keeps you awake all night.

Not everybody has the basic skills, tools, and patience to repair faucet problems correctly, like a dripping faucet.

Yesterday one of our Encino plumbers was dispatched to service faucet drips in a homeowner’s kitchen and bathroom. The customer had tried to repair the bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet herself, but …

Plumbing Encino Garages & Basements

plumbing garages basements encino

Plumbing garages or basements in Encino homes often means the installation or repair of water heaters, sinks or toilets. If you’re looking to renovate, we have a Encino plumber licensed to install half-baths & full-baths.

In Encino we have come across many situations where homeowners want to install a plumbing fixture (like a sink and faucet, maybe even a toilet or shower) in their garage or basement because they work on many dirty projects and want a simple plumbing solution to clean up before they enter their house

Plumbing Encino Laundry Rooms

plumbing laundry rooms encino

Building or remodeling laundry rooms to meet local plumbing codes is necessary to avoid any repair issues or problems.

Everyone would like a laundry room in their home for convenience.

But there comes a time when its existing set-up will need to be re-evaluated, especially when you want to install a new plumbing fixture, like a laundry room sink, tub and faucet.

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