Faucet Drips

repair faucet drips in encinoFaucet drips in your Encino home can be really annoying, especially if that ‘drip drip drip’ keeps you awake all night.

Not everybody has the basic skills, tools, and patience to repair faucet problems correctly, like a dripping faucet.

Yesterday one of our Encino plumbers was dispatched to service faucet drips in a homeowner’s kitchen and bathroom. The customer had tried to repair the bathroom faucet and kitchen faucet herself, but …failed to buy the correct faucet replacement parts because she didn’t know her faucet design before visiting the local hardware store.

Faucet drips based on design

Our faucet plumber showed her the 4 basic faucet designs and explained how to identify each one based on whether it is a single-handle or double-handle model and knowing the faucet manufacturer. For example, Delta and Peerless are very popular with ball-type faucets that have a single handle over a dome-shaped cap.

  1. Ball-type faucet
  2. Cartridge faucet
  3. Compression faucet
  4. Disc faucet

She had a ball-type faucet in her kitchen and a compression faucet in her bathroom. Within minutes we found the cause of her faucet drip problems. Both faucets simply needed new O-ring replacements, and the compression faucet required a new valve seat.

Other faucet problems

Faucet drips are the most common faucet problem. But faucet leaks can be more troublesome, especially if the faucet continues to leak after repairs are made, or the water pressure at the faucet’s spout seems low. In our blog’s faucets category, we’ll address other faucet problems we repair in Encino.

If your faucet drips, you need trusted experience plumbing your faucet right away. Our emergency Encino plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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