Clogged Kitchen Sink

clear clogged kitchen sink in encinoWhen a customer could not clear her clogged kitchen sink in Encino with a plunger and hand auger after multiple attempts, she contacted one of our Encino plumbers for help because she was expecting dinner guests and needed her clogged kitchen sink problem fixed immediately.

After a close inspection we knew right away why a plunger or hand auger would not clear the clogged kitchen sink.

A large amount of grease had solidified like cement inside the sink’s drain trap and drain line. It was obvious this clog did not happen overnight but rather over months or years due to maintenance neglect and bad habits.

In the final analysis we determined it would be in the customer’s best interest to save time by replacing the sink’s waste T-fitting, trap arm, and trap bend instead of trying to clear the clogged kitchen sink.

Fortunately we had all the necessary sink replacement parts in our van, so within 30 minutes her kitchen sink was draining like new.

How to avoid a clogged kitchen sink

Today a customer learned a costly lesson how to avoid a clogged kitchen sink.

    NEVER pour grease down your kitchen sink!

Grease contains oil, and oil hardens over time. Our customer did not understand that every morning she poured hot bacon grease down her kitchen sink, then turning on cold water, she was slowly creating a clog disaster. When early warning signs started to surface like water backing up or draining too slowly, she ignored the problem by waiting for the water to eventually settle.

Moving forward, our customer knows to pour her cooking oil and grease into a jar, not down her kitchen sink drain. She also knows to flush her kitchen drain once a week with hot water to keep it free of soap, grease, and debris.

When you have a clogged kitchen sink, you need trusted experience plumbing your sink right away. Our emergency Encino plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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