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Encino sewer line damage requires Relining

Sewer line damage from tree roots can be avoided with sewer pipe relining, a trenchless lateral lining process used by our plumbers in Encino.

sewer pipe lining lateral system

photo courtesy of Perma-Liner Industries LLC

Recently a customer hired our Encino plumbers to diagnose the reasons why his first floor toilets were all backing up simultaneously.

We suspected sewer line damage but first tried to clear the toilets with a drain snake. We found lots of tree roots, a common warning sign of sewer line damage. The roots were so compact we knew continuing this process would not work.

Plumbing Encino Garages & Basements

plumbing garages basements encino

Plumbing garages or basements in Encino homes often means the installation or repair of water heaters, sinks or toilets. If you’re looking to renovate, we have a Encino plumber licensed to install half-baths & full-baths.

In Encino we have come across many situations where homeowners want to install a plumbing fixture (like a sink and faucet, maybe even a toilet or shower) in their garage or basement because they work on many dirty projects and want a simple plumbing solution to clean up before they enter their house

Plumbing Encino Homes

plumbing homes encino

When plumbing Encino homes, our customers trust we understand how their home plumbing system works and expect top-notch repairs, service & maintenance 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most homeowners describe their home plumbing schematics as a “complicated and impossible” maze of pipes and fittings. But not us .. We review and redesign plumbing plans as “simple and possible” solutions.

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