Plumbing Encino Bathrooms

If you are considering remodeling your Encino bathroom or building a new bathroom in your Encino home, contact one of our Encino plumbers to make sure everything is installed properly and up to code. More »

Plumbing Encino Kitchens

Plumbing a remodeled kitchen or building a new kitchen island sink in your Encino home is affordable when you hire our Encino plumbers to make sure everything is installed properly and up to code. More »

Plumbing Encino Laundry Rooms

Upgrading the plumbing in your Encino laundry room to accommodate new fixtures (faucets, sinks, tubs) and appliances (washer, water heater) requires licensed plumbers familiar with local compliance codes. More »

Plumbing Encino Garages & Basements

Plumbing your Encino garage or basement for new fixtures or appliances is difficult and should not be attempted without hiring a licensed Encino plumber who knows how to build or remodel up to code. More »

Plumbing Encino Homes

When plumbing Encino homes, residents trust our Encino plumbers will understand understand how their home plumbing system works in order to do repairs, service and maintenance. More »


Encino sewer line damage requires Relining

Sewer line damage from tree roots can be avoided with sewer pipe relining, a trenchless lateral lining process used by our plumbers in Encino.

sewer pipe lining lateral system

photo courtesy of Perma-Liner Industries LLC

Recently a customer hired our Encino plumbers to diagnose the reasons why his first floor toilets were all backing up simultaneously.

We suspected sewer line damage but first tried to clear the toilets with a drain snake. We found lots of tree roots, a common warning sign of sewer line damage. The roots were so compact we knew continuing this process would not work.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

tankless water heater installation encinoA tankless water heater installation in your Encino laundry room, basement, or garage should be performed by our professional Encino plumbers unless you are a very proficient DIY type with plumbing and electrical skills.

An Encino customer thought he had could handle a gas-fueled tankless water heater installation by himself until he read the installation manual. He decided he didn’t want to deal with the electrical connections and gas lines.

He was able to get through the first few steps, like attaching the mounting hardware and setting the water heater unit onto the mounting hardware. But after that he called us to complete the tankless water heater installation in his Encino home.

Clogged Kitchen Sink

clear clogged kitchen sink in encinoWhen a customer could not clear her clogged kitchen sink in Encino with a plunger and hand auger after multiple attempts, she contacted one of our Encino plumbers for help because she was expecting dinner guests and needed her clogged kitchen sink problem fixed immediately.

After a close inspection we knew right away why a plunger or hand auger would not clear the clogged kitchen sink.

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